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Welcome to the official website for Clearview Eyecare Optometry in Lancaster CA. If you're looking for an optometry clinic that offers personalized care and attention as well as a wide range of services from skilled Lancaster optometrists, you've found it!

Our Approach to Family Eye Care

Clearview Eyecare Optometry isn't just a family optometry center in the sense of treating families -- we also bring a family approach to our services. We work with patients of all ages, providing a comfortable, reassuring environment in which all questions are answered and each procedure is explained. Our clinic extends a variety of payment, insurance and scheduling options to make it as easy as possible for you to give your loved ones the quality eye care they need and deserve.

A Lifetime of Ocular Health and Wellness Services

Our optometrists in Lancaster CA strive to make Clearview Eyecare Optometry an all-in-one solution provider for a lifetime of clearer vision and healthier eyes. Our services include:

Eye exams and vision testing

We provide comprehensive eye exams and vision testing for every member of the family, from children to seniors.

Contact lens exams and special contacts

Our contact lens exams can help you pick out a specific type of contact lens product, including special contacts for complex vision prescriptions or eye health issues.


Ortho-K overnight contact lenses can reshape your corneas for days of clear vision -- and they can even help curb your child's nearsightedness.

Eyeglasses and frames

We'll help you choose the ideal eyeglasses and frames for your vision needs and fashion sense.

Eye disease and disorder treatment

We can monitor and treat eye diseases and disorders such as glaucoma, dry eye, computer vision and macular degeneration. We can also recommend vision therapy to address functional vision problems.

Surgery co-management

From LASIK refractive correction surgery to cataract removal and other surgical procedures, our Lancaster optometrists are ready to provide the necessary pre-operative and post-operative support.

Meet Our Optometrists in Lancaster, CA

If you agree that top-quality eye care can only come from top-quality practitioners, you'll appreciate the experience, expertise and compassionate care offered by our own optometrists in Lancaster, CA. Dr. Clfford A. Silverman has served as president of both the Mojave Desert Optometric Society and the San Fernando Valley Optometric Society. Dr. Tom Thamsopit is certified to administer pharmaceutical treatments for eye diseases such as glaucoma and has made a special study of subjects such as macular pigment optical density. Both of our optometrists enjoy playing vital roles in serving the Lancaster community.

Dr. Clifford Silverman
Lancaster Optometrist | Clearview Eyecare Optometry | 661-945-9883
43767 15th Street West
Lancaster, CA 93534

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Meet The Optometrist

  • Marina Mason
    'I love coming to work every day and watching the transformation in our patients. It never ceases to amaze me how being able to see clearly and without pain boosts their confidence and restores independence. So many people are living with limitations due to visual impairment – and might not even know it! Working here with Dr.Silverman has shown me how even the smallest improvement in one’s sight can make a huge positive impact on their lives.”
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Clearview Eyecare Optometry

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Hear what our patients have to say about their experiences with our optometrists in Lancaster.

  • "My special needs child and myself have been going to see Dr Silverman for a very long time. He and his staff are kind and very patient to make sure we get the best glasses possible. Their selection of frames is great always something wonderful and they get new frames all the time. We wouldnt go anywhere else."
    Barbara Smith
  • "I have been going To Dr. Silverman for years. He takes his time and listens to you. He and his staff are very professional and helpful. They have a great selection of glasses and are very helpful when picking out frames. I will continue to go there for my glasses."
    Ruth Martinez
  • "I have been going to Dr. Silverman for years, since he used to have an office on Lancaster Boulevard. He is very patient and listens to my concerns....His staff is great and have been with him for years, which speaks highly of Dr. Silverman as a doctor and as a human being."
    Anita D Escalante
  • "With a history of six eye surgeries... I tried several types of contact lenses prescribed by other optometrists, with limited success... I would recommend Dr. Silverman's practice without reservation, especially for hard to fit patients like myself. A very satisfied customer!"
    Larry S.
  • "Thrilled with this provider - Cliff and his wife are the best. The only minor comment I have is the gal at the front desk who checked me in was not very welcoming and seemed rather irritated (why I gave a low score on office staff) But other than that this is a fantastic establishment and the eye doctor Dr. Silverman is fantastic!"
    Irit G.
  • "Very friendly service. Seen very shortly after my scheduled appointment time."
    John S.
  • "Clean office, convenient location, and excellent eye care received."
    Deby C.
  • "A very professional office and eye exam!"
    Thomas F.
  • "I was seen quickly, actually got an appointment for the same day. My visit was professional and thorough."
    Connie E.
  • "I was happy that I found this place on the VSP web. They actively look for ways that will save money for customers so that you do not leave feeling like why do I have insurance?"
    Jordan E.
  • "Dr. Silverman and his staff always have my best interests at heart. They are professional, attentive and always friendly. I don't trust the health of my eyes to anyone but Dr. Silverman."
    Judy H.
  • "My family has been under Dr. Silverman's care fo about 19 years and we will continue with his office for as long as he stays open!"
    Suzanne M.
  • "Very friendly staff, clean office and my daughters had an awesome visit. It was also our first time. I'm glad my friend referred me to Clearview Eyecare."
    Alyssa D.
  • "Dr. Silverman was great with my daughter. He explained procedures and all of our options throughly. We never felt rushed at any appointments. Dr. Silverman is great!"
    Kalena M.
  • "Eye examination proved thorough and informative for my benefit. The examiners and assistants were very gracious and helpful. Questions and concerns were welcomed and information was provided to help me thoroughly understand my condition and the mode of corrective treatment... A very interactive relationship between the staff and their patients."
    Frank K.
  • "I really enjoyed my experience with Clearview! I was in and out very quickly, with an incredibly kind staff. It was my first time visiting with an optometrist, and I believe they will be the only place I end up going from here on out! I highly recommend this location. With their helpful and professional staff, I feel very happy with my decision to choose them!"
    Jesse B.
  • "I absolutely love the way your staff Can find the right pair of glasses each and every time I come in. Very friendly and takes as much time as needed for appointments."
    Debra E.
  • "Thank you Clearview! Great friendly service. Had appointment on Monday evening and was called Thursday that my glasses were ready. AMAZING!!!!!!"
    Hannelore B.
  • "Very warm and welcoming and comfortable during the eye exams. Great optometrist and helpful when answering questions."
    Tyler W.
  • "This is an excellent optometry clinic, everyone in the office is friendly, and the doctor is great. I have been coming here for years and will continue to come."
    Samia G.
  • "I have been going to Dr. Silverman's Office for at least 6 years now. I have tried 2 other Optometry offices in the Lancaster area before settling with Dr Cliff Silverman. The whole staff are professional and very friendly. Unlike others, this office will NOT charge you extra nor will they force you to purchase their products. I highly recommend Dr Silverman's office if you're looking for a professional and honest Eye care doctor."
    Morelio C.

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