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Prescription Sunglasses in Lancaster, CA

One of the easiest ways you can protect your eye health is by wearing sunglasses. Here at the Clearview Eyecare Optometry clinic in Lancaster, CA we provide comprehensive vision services ranging from eye exams to vision correction treatments. As part of these services we also provide patients with optometrist recommended sunglasses. Whether you are interested in choosing sunglasses with UV light protection, or designer sunglasses with prescription lenses, let us assist you.


Benefits to Wearing Sunglasses

In addition to looking stylish, sunglasses provide extensive protection for your eyes and vision. The sun produces ultraviolet radiation, or UV rays, which are damaging to our skin, as well as our eyes. Over time exposure to UV light increases your chances of developing eye diseases and vision disorders. Some of the eye conditions resulting from regular UV exposure include cataracts and hastening of age-related macular degeneration. Your eyes can also become sunburned by UV light in a condition called photokeratitis. Another eye disorder resulting from UV exposure is pterygium. This causes tissue to grow over the white part of the eyeball, leading to astigmatism.

Protecting Your Vision With UV Light Protection

As an optometrist in Lancaster CA we understand the importance of UV light protection. In addition to offering the top brands in sunglasses, we also want to suggest other tips for eye protection. When outdoors, no matter what the season or the weather, choose to wear sunglasses. Even in winter you can suffer from UV-related eye conditions, especially from the reflection of light off of snow. Also, add a hat to your ensemble if you are going to be outdoors for a lengthy period. A wide brim hat will protect your eyes from the sun at most angles. You can also choose a larger frame for your sunglasses, or a wrap-around style, to give your eyes better protection.

Types of Sunglasses Available

Fortunately by choosing to wear sunglasses that block 99 to 100 percent of UV radiation. This will protect your eyes from both UVA and UVB rays. When you visit our optometrist in Lancaster we will help you select the best UV light protection for your vision needs. You may require prescription sunglasses that have a specialized lens that is formulated for vision correction. We also offer designer sunglasses with prescription lenses featuring luxury brand names. If you are concerned about the glare of sunglasses, opt for polarized lenses in your new sunglasses by Clearview Eyecare Optometry.

Find an Eye Doctor in Lancaster

Ready to get started with proper vision protection this summer? We are here to assist you by providing you with prescription sunglasses in Lancaster. In addition, our optometry clinic also provides corrective eye glasses, contact lenses, pre- and post-op eye surgery care, and routine eye exams. It is our mission to help the community of Lancaster, CA to see more clearly. To schedule your appointment for optometrist-approved UV light protection, contact us or call our office at 661-945-9883. Drs. Clifford Silverman and Tom Thamsopit look forward to seeing you soon!


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